GRG Polydynamics Pvt. Ltd. is a part of professionally managed group of companies with a turnover of over 100Cr., and three decades of business endeavors.


GRG Polydynamics is the plastic division started in the year 2011 to serve the niche automotive customers in and around Chennai and abroad.


Our group companies range of products including super critical engineering components are exported around the globe with a major presence. in North America and Europe.


We at GRG Polydynamics are committed to implement and practice world class manufacturing with continuous improvements with the engagement of all the workers. This is evident in our current businesses. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our customer which will benefit both the ends.


GRG Polydynamics is the plastic division with machines carefully selected to cater to the automobile industry along with supporting equipments like dehumidifier, MTC, Hot runner controller, master-batch blender etc.,


Vision: Establish a world class facility with systems in place to make range of products and processes and cater to world class customers.