Other Facility

  Shop floor
The operator table has the Quality plan, Control plan, Quality alert chart.
The table also houses non-conformance and conformance parts in place.
  All the moulds are stored in a safe place and covered individually to protect from dust. Moulds are periodically lubricated and cooling line scales are removed as per the maintenance schedules. Raw materials are stored in a clean environment from any form of contamination. Raw materials storage capacity: 9 tons Finished goods storage capacity: 4 days production Approx.
  A brief display of our visual management systems.
  Raw Material identification: Each rack is equipped with photo picture for easy operator identification and to reduce human errors FIFO chart for Raw Material : Each material bag is colour coded with month for easy FIFO identification
  A brief display of our visual management systems.

Production status board to monitor hourly production with hourly efficiency display. The red inking shows production less thanthe standard hourly output. The remarks are documented to analyze down time .

  FG Status board displays the maximum and   minimum quantity along with the available stock.   This helps us keep up delivery schedules.